Intermediate Division

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Intermediate Division

At Mary, Star of the Sea School we refer to 4th and 5th grades as our Intermediate years. During these school years our teachers guide our students to work on their time management, responsibility skills and other tools that will equip them for a better performance in Middle School. Read below is a summarized curriculum for these students.

Intermediate Religion :

  • Connect learning and make it relevant to our lives today
  • 4th grade: Saints, 10 Commandements, focus prayer is on Our Father
  • 5th grade: Sacraments and Beatitudes, focus prayer is on Apostles Creed

Intermediate Literacy : 

  • Both grades analyze author’s craft, quarterly novel study, grammar study through diagramming
  • 4th grade: descriptive writing, expository writing and narrative writing, novel study and grammar through sentence diagramming
  • 5th grade:  descriptive writing, persuasive, expository writing and narrative writing, novel study and grammar through sentence diagramming

Intermediate Math:

  • Big focus is on basic facts (mad minutes for speed and accuracy)
  • 4th grade:  scope and sequence (place value, long division, fractions)
  • 5th Grade: scope and sequence  (place value, long division, fractions)
  • Uses Mathletics to reinforce skills, formative assessments, 24 March Madness Challenged, rigorous and challenges, differentiated learning

Intermediate Science :  

  • 4th grade: Scope and Sequence, but also focused on Matter
  • 5th grade:  Scope and Sequence (builds off 4th grade)
  • Hands on experiments and place based learning. Actively goes outside for observations and lessons.

Intermediate Social Studies :  

  • 4th grade: Geography focused (states & capitals by each region in the U.S) and the history of each region.
  • 5th grade:  U.S History, higher level thinking, higher level questioning, teaching information to recall with build reading comprehension skills
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