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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Curriculum for International Students 

Our Kindergarten to 8th grade English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) program provides both individualized instruction and classroom integration opportunities. Non-english speaker students may spend most of  their school time with the ESL instructor completing school projects. Once more proficient, the teacher will help students integrate into their specific classrooms until they no longer need ESL support. We can tell many stories about the long-term friendships formed at ESL. It is great to witness the confidence shown by students who learn to speak English as a second language.

At MSOS we welcome different cultures and backgrounds.
At MSOS we welcome different cultures and backgrounds.
“It’s been five years since my daughter first attended MSOS. She looked very nervous when she entered her classroom on her first day because she couldn’t speak English at all, but when I came to pick her up, I saw her surrounded by her classmates and teachers, having a great time. Since then, she has been enjoying attending MSOS everyday thanks to all the friendly teachers and her friends. I’m also grateful for the ESL class where students can gain their confidence in speaking English as well as reading and writing skills.”

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