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May Day 2023

Traditionally, the Catholic Church dedicates the month of May, to our Lady, Mary, Star of the Sea; and in Hawai‘i, the first of the month, of course, also brings perhaps the most colorful day of the year: Lei Day. Mary, Star of the Sea School welcomed families, friends and special guests to their campus to enjoy a production based on Past and Future: “I ka wa ma mua, i ka wa ma hope – We look to the past as a guide for the future

During this performance students and teachers shared their gifts and talents through song and dance. Under the talented guidance of our teachers, Mrs. Deeann Nishibun, Mrs. Lacey Vasquez (Middle School), Mrs. Mahina Yap (Hula), Mrs. Stacey Taylor, and Mr. Lyman Lacro (IT Production.) Look at the pictures below to relive this colorful event.

This event was narrated by students Yuna H. and Keanu C. whom gracefully took us through a journey between islands.

Our procession of the royal court began with our Kindergarteners, represented Lo`ihi Seamount, Prince Luke Princess Kalena. Their Kahili bearer was Noah.

The First Graders, represented the Island of Kaho`olawe. Prince Eric and Princess Sydney walked the carpet with kahili bearer Henry.

The Second Grade represented the small, privately owned island called Ni`ihau.  Prince Malakai and princess is Seraphina walked into the Royal Court preceded by their kahili bearer is Ian.

Kahili bearer Owen leads the way for our Third Grade Lāna`i royalty, enteing the Royal Court is also Prince Luca and Princess Baylee

The Island of Moloka`i is represented today by the Fourth Grade. The Moloka`i prince is Matthew and the princess is Chloe. The kahili bearer for the Friendly Island is Spencer.

The Fifth Grade represents the Island of Kaua`i.  The Island color is purple, poni, and the flower is the moki-hana berry. Prince Kevin and Princess  Akina represent the Garden Island of Kaua`i. Their kahili bearer is Jason.

Our middle school classes represent the three largest islands in our pae`aina.  Representing the Island of O‘ahu are Prince  Dylan  and Princess McKinnley of the Sixth grade.  Their kahili bearer is Amuia.

Maui is the second largest of our major Islands. Its color is pink, ‘akala and the Island flower is the Loke-lani, a small pink cottage rose. The Seventh Grade royalty is formed by Prince Michael and Princess Cecilia, and their kahili bearer is Robbie.

Hawai‘i Island, often called the Big Island, is represented by our Eighth Grade royalty, Prince Taj and Princess Sofia. Their kahili bearer is Brandon.

In preparation for King and Queens arrival, kalihi bearers Yuzuka and Andrew arrived to the stage followed by the King’s counselor, Cayden. 

Ladies in Waiting were considered ‘noble companions’ who, by their status and nobility, could better advise a woman of high station. Representing our ladies in waiting are Claudia, Hannah, Emma, and Taryn from the eighth grade.

Pūloʻuloʻu are often called “kapu sticks”. They were symbols of the authority and protection of the aliʻi .  Representing pulo‘ulo‘u bearers, are  Lorin and Yuta.  

The big moment arrives, entering the Royal Court are King Brady and Queen Sydney.

Following this procession are the dance performances of all classes, and a special presentation by teachers.

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