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MSOS students celebrate their school spirit and are enlightened with special guest visitors throughout Catholic School Week

It wasn’t just an ordinary week at MSOS. By focusing on faith, knowledge and service, MSOS students are always encouraged to use their God-given talents to the fullest later in life. Catholic Schools Week with plenty of opportunities to show school spirit and participate in the spirit of serving others! Vocations day featured future doctors, NFL and World Cup athletes, Police officers, veterinarians, artists, and chefs to name a few. The campus exploded with color on crazy socks and Kona Ice day.

Fourth graders hosted a “Living Saints Museum”. They researched and then portrayed a saint while presenting their saint’s life to their parents and the school’s younger students. The students also received special guest speakers: Father Frankie and Father Junvic, our school pastor and associate pastor spoke to the primary students about what inspired them to be a priest. Fr. EJ, from Sacred Hearts Church, addressed our middle school students who presented a number of inquisitive questions some of which focused on marriage and priesthood. Sister Malia, teacher at Chaminade University encouraged our intermediate students to chose their vocations wisely based on how God wants them to use their gifts and talents. Guest speaker, Mr. Oskar Rameirez, spoke to our middle school students about digital safety and the potential dangers of social media influencers.

Lastly, mahalo to all of our families who supported our used book drive service project!