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Ways to Give

$75 for our 75th Anniversary

Over the past 75 years, our mission at Mary, Star of the Sea School has been guided by the light of our Blessed Mother, Mary, also known as the Shining Star.  We are excited to invite you to participate in our upcoming celebrations to mark the Diamond Anniversary of Mary Star of the Sea Church and Schools. 



Direct Contributions

If you’d like to make a direct contribution to the school, please stop by our School Office located on Malia Street and speak with one of our staff members.    You can donate to the school and even have it earmarked towards one of our programs or fundraisers …. Playground Fund, Music Program, Technology Lab, Fabrication Lab, Science Program, Reading, Sports, and so much more.     It’s a great way to promote an area of the school that interests you most.   Of course, if you would like it to go into a General fund, we could make that happen as well.   Please stop by or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you about donating ….

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